Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Albigen System Websites

Mystic Missal
A door to ways and means on the spiritual path

The Listening Attention
Listening unaffected by the constant changes of the mind
Richard Rose Teachings and Rose Publications
Books and videos by Richard Rose
Richard Rose.Org
Personal accounts
Search Within.Org
Rare material for seekers - read online or download
Self Discovery Portal.Com
Concise articles on maximum systems including Zen.
Spiritual Books Worth Reading
The most understandable of authors in this nebulous area
Spiritual Teachers.Org
Ratings of spiritual teachers and guidelines for choosing them
TAT Foundation
Richard Rose's system and the continuing work of TAT

TAT Forum
TAT Forum - Current edition and archives
Group Home Pages
First Know Thyself
Umbrella site for a dozen Albigen groups
Group home pages on Albigen.Net
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